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Our mission for our people is to empower you to advance your career while enjoying an extraordinary journey crafting your finest game.

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Steel Cloud ignites our love for games and their power to unite people. This passion shapes our Madness culture, uniting our global team of Steel Cloud.

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People First Always

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At Steel Cloud, we design games for all kinds of players, so we need all kinds of people creating them. We’ve hired leading talent from all over the world and actively seek out those with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, experiences and abilities who can bring something different to the table. This way we’re constantly learning from each other and collaborating on unique and exciting projects.

The bottom line is simple: We are all equal at Steel Cloud. Regardless of the language we speak, where we live, our gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or culture we come from. We’re building a global home, where everyone has the equal opportunity to make an impact.

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